Disclaimer and warmup was around the ninja course while Miller re-tried the Dead Hang winter games event!

we moved back to the shelter with 6 stations and asked that folks partnered up at different stations. Each station had 2 workouts, one partner would do Workout A and other partner would do Workout B. I set an interval timer for 45 sec, 10 sec rest, 30 sec, 10 sec rest, 20 sec. You would go through all 3 rounds on the first exercise then would switch exercises with your partner and do 3 rounds. We would then all switch stations together. There were 6 stations total and below are the exercises.

Station 1:

Step ups with weight

push ups

Station 2:


Plank with weight pull thru

Station 3:

Squat to overhead press

Jump Squats

Station 4:

Bicep Curls

Mountain Climbers

Station 5:

Weighted Lunges

Weighted Sit Ups

Station 6:

Renegade Rows

Deadlift to Highpull

Ended with COT and Name o Rama