On this extremely foggy morning, 10 pax head out on new adventure at MoneyPenny. After the disclaimer and general niceties ,  we got started with our warmup.

Warmup – JJ IC,  Hamstring stretches, standing pigeon, HK IC, BK IC,   lateral lunges, arm circles , Phelps and front lunge stretches.

The Thang:

Run over to the Kiosk – 10 squats – 3 down 1 up

Run to the dock – Where the real fun begins with our pyramid workout.  This took longer than expected so I had to cut it short.. I guess we can finish next time I Q!!! I actually had  6 exercises in mind but didn’t think to calculate how long the running would take.

Start on dock, do exercise 1 for 1 minute ( 30 sec each),  run up the stairs through parking lot to shelter, rest 30 secs. Now in shelter, exercise 1 followed by exercise 2. Run back through parking lot down ramp to dock, rest 30.   Continue pattern(1,2,3 …)  Once we hit exercise 5, we started backwards dropping off the last exercise. (5,4,3,2) . We got to 5,4,3  skipped the run and  instead just rested for 30 sec. We then did exercise 5 for the minute and it was  time to get back…


  1. Rocking horse with right step up – Rocking horse left step up
  2. Single leg tricep dips ( right / left)
  3. Pistol squat ( right / left)
  4. Pushups ( incline/ decline)
  5. Slow MC – Right knee to right elbow/left knee to left elbow   –  Opposite knee to elbow

Ran back to the Senior center for some core work.  30 sec each no rest

  • LBC
  • Bicycle
  • Straight leg full sit up
  • Flutter kicks
  • Hello Dollys

Then added in 2 bonus moves . Hover legs 6 inches off ground. Right leg up/down. Left leg up/down. 1 hello dolly and 1 leg lever.  We did 5 of those.  Ending with a 1 minute plank as we did name-0-rama.


  • We are in need of Q’s through the summer months. Please take a look at ALL the AO sheets for openings.
  • Virtual 5k in April – see Beethovens post on Slack
  • Prayers out to Tuck’s daughter who was hurt last week in a serious fall. She is back home recovering.

Thanks for joining me!   Sorry no picture today!!