Warm Up: Meet at the lower end of the parking lot – jog the big pickle

Knee Hug to toe touches – (on mat grab knees, roll backward, then back up and touch toes); Windshield wipers (laying down; knees back and forth), inch worms w/pedaling calves; Squat Spine rotations (start in down monkey humper position raise right arm twist up eyes should follow hand, lower, then finish monkey humper, repeat 5x, rinse and repeat L side). Arm circles, phelps, Jumping Jacks 

The Thang: 

Parking Space Workout
10 parking spaces w/ exercises written in each space. 

Round 1 complete 1:30 of each exercise w/ rest to move to next parking space. Once all 10 are complete, run the pickle.

Rinse and repeat all spaces for round 2 (1:00) and 3 (30 seconds)

We made it through rounds 1 & 2 before running out of time!





Drunken Mountain Climbers

Door Knobs

Shoulder Taps

Jumping Jacks

Imperial Walkers

Bear Crawls/Crawl Bear (back and forth in space)


COT: “Hype Other Women” 

Name O Rama