Disclaimer given as we moseyed our way to academy street. We paused at the corner to do some butt kickers, high knees, jumping jacks and windmills. Next we moseyed to the old library lot for some arm circles and inchworms with a push-up and runner stretch. Finally, we made our way to the FBC parking lot.

Thang: Paint the Lines

We broke into two groups. Each group painted 10 lines doing the following:

  1. forward lunge down one line to low side step to the next line then reverse lunge. And so on up to 10 parking lot lines
  2. Burpee broad jump to walking plank
  3. Bear crawl to side shuffle to crawl bear

This was made more challenging by the slope of the parking lot!

Thang 2: 11s on the hill. Carolina dry docks at the top, froggers at the bottom.

On our way back to the deck we stopped at the old library lot for some standing abs and to name our FNG!

Welcome, Palate!

COT: “So long as we are receivers of mercy we must be givers of thanks.”Charles Spurgeon

Thank you for joining me!

Mary Lou