After greetings and disclaimer, Van Gogh led the warmups with stretching and fast walking to the statue at the end of the parking lot.  We all had to come back and say what the statue was which showed us how art speaks to us all differently!  (And Van Gogh walks FAST!)
2 min Paincakes (1 big girl sit up, 1 pushup, 2 big girl sit ups, 2 pushups, …)
1 min heels to heaven
1 min left side plank (elbow)
2 min bridge pulse with leg extended (switch side @ 1 minute) (6 minutes)
 …10 second rest
2 min Captain Thor (1 big girl sit up, 4 Russian twists, 2 sit up, 8 Russian twists …)
1 min right side plank (elbow)
1 min buzz saw (plank on elbows and roll forward and backward on toes)
2 min glute heel taps (alternating) (12 minutes)
 …Break and ran the pickle!
2 min Paincakes
1 min LBC’s
1 min sparky crab
2 min plank jacks (18 minutes)
 …10 second rest
2 min Captain Thor
1 min brooke burke (plank dip hips each side)
1 min dolphin pushups
2 min mountain climber (24 minutes)
 …Break and ran the pickle
2 min Paincakes
1 min elbow plank
1 min superman
And the Q called it quits and we were DONE!  Van Gogh led us on some excellent stretches to limber our muscles and joints.  Remember to drink water!!!!
COT – as my daughter heads off across the world to shine her light on those that have never heard or seen it, I encourage you all to just step out and remember that we should always show the light within us to everyone.
Let your light shine before men (women) in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.  Matthew 5:16