Disclaimer & Warm Up

Pain Train – first person in the train completes 25 reps of a cardio move while rest of pax does band work . Continue down the line until all pax complete the reps. Apparently, it was shoulder AND leg day. We took a break after every 2 train cars to complete a portion of the ab challenge. 62 full sit ups doesn’t seem too bad when it’s broken up! 🙂 Zeppelin was our train engine, moving that train down the track quickly! And, Breezy was our caboose – finishing each train strong!


Exercise 15/25 Reps

Pain Train 1: Party Tray Jumping Jacks

Pain Train 2: Lat Pull Downs High Knees

ABS 15 Reps

Pain Train 3: Rear Shoulder Squeeze Butt Kickers

Pain Train 4: Bear Crawl Tricep Taps Mountain Climbers

ABS 15 Reps

Pain Train 5 no band: R Leg Curb Squats Bobby Hurleys

Pain Train 6 no band: L Leg Curb Squats Star Jumps

ABS 15 Reps

Pain Train 7: Lat Walk length of mat In/Out Squat

Pain Train 8: Monster Walk length of mat Lateral Backstep

ABS 17 Reps

*Stopped here for time. Will save these trains for the next stop 🙂

Pain Train 9 no band: Inchworm w/ side taps Plank Jacks

Pain Train 10 no band: Marching Glute Bridge Drunken Mtn Climbers