Disclaimer was given.

Pax warmed up with some stretches: windmills, good mornings, runner’s lunge, lateral lunges, arm circles

The Thang: Tabatta style workout with 40 sec exercise, 10 sec rest, x 4 for each exercise


U-up-right rows

M-Mt. Climbers

P-Plie squats

K-Kickbacks (triceps)

I-Inch worms

N-Narrow squat


Work our with a Pumpkin:

We divided the group in half and one group did an exercise with the pumpkin as a weight and the other group ran a half pickle.

Exercises: Man makers, Walking lunges with pumpkin OH, Bridges

And then we were out of time!

Ended with COT and Name-o-rama

Thanks for starting your day with me this AM!

Make it a great day.