“Come Play with me” She said!

After starting the events with a rusty disclaimer, we warmed up with Good Morninngs, Arm Circles, Phelps, wide leg stretches and Down dogs.  Then Bon Voyage took us over to the Baseball field.

We laid our mats down on the foul line and then took a lap around the edge of left field to the scoreboard, we then pinpointed our mat location and jogged back.  This was to be our working area for the day.  Out in Left field…. Or was it Right field (Bon Voyage is not the best at baseball).

The Thang:
Turn and Burn : 5 squats, 5 Push Ups with 5 count hold at bottom, 5 jacks then Jog out to the scoreboard, turn and sprint back (repeat 10 x)
Barrell Rolls: 5 BG sit ups,  log roll over 3 x to end on your belly, bird dog 5 HC, roll back (repeat 5x)
Get Up and Go: Reverse plank hold (15 count), lay down, get up (any way you can) and jog to the scoreboard and back (repeat 5x)
Sideways: Squat side lunge to the scoreboard and back, repeat with karaoke/grapevine, we were supposed to lunge walk too, but I forgot.

PLAY Simon Says

COT: Remember to take the time to read and listen to new ideas.