Started the workout with a disclaimer and reminded the PAX to start their watches. We then underwent a series of warm-up exercises, starting with the head and moving down to inchworms and the world’s greatest stretch.

THANG: Tabata-style workout with 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.

Round 1 x 2: weighted squat, bodyweight squat, and jump squat

Round 2 x 2: deadlift with weights, good mornings, and plyo-lunges

Around this time, we started talking about our new FNG names – so we could be more familiar with them. Somehow I mentioned onomatopoeia and the laughter ensued. SWISH – ZAP – POW. After the grammar lesson, we got busy again.

Round 3 x 2: chest press, shoulder taps, and pushups

Run/walk pickle

Round 4 x2: concentration curls up for two counts and down for one, hallelujah and jumping jacks

Run/walk pickle

Round 5×2: shoulder hold with march, super(wo)men and fast feet

run/walk pickle

Round 6×2: glute bridge, big girl situps, and ankle biters

Finished with a COT and Nam-o-rama.