Started with the disclaimer and some stretches: Good Mornings, Toy soldiers, runner’s lunge, arm circles.

The Q planned for the predicted downpour of rain with a workout under the shelter, but was pleasantly surprised this am when we only had a misty rain.

The Thang: Deck of Cards!

The Details:

Diamonds= Step-ups, but on each leg

Hearts= Push-ups

Clubs=  CC High knees

Spades= Single leg dips (both sides = double the fun!)

Face cards= 10 reps

Ace= 1 rep

Once we complete a suit, run the pickle, or “Dill” as we named it this  morning.

We completed 4 laps around Dill, 85 push-ups, 170 dips, 170 step-ups and even more high knees with plenty of time for some standing abs! We did a minute of 4 different ab exercises! Mary Lou shared a new burner that got plenty of groans! Thanks, ML!

COT: “You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your own head.  Be kind to yourself!”

Thanks for joining me this morning!