It’s been awhile since I Q’d a tabata so that’s where we started.  We mosey’d from the garage to the front of the library to get started and did a quick warm up there.   Our Tabata sets were 20 sec on 10 sec of 10 rounds each.  Each round consisted of 2 different exercises.

Round 1:  Squat curl press and Jumping Jacks

Round 2: Front & Rear Lunges, Right and then Left

Pause for a jog to the Cary Art Center for our Fall Pumpkin Photo Op

Round 3: Plank with Tricep Ext and Toe Taps

Round 4: Rows and Supermans

Pause for a jog around the library

Round 5: LBCs & American Hammers

Closed with a the Poem Not by Erin Hanson