Disclaimer and Warm Up: Good mornings, Arm Circles forward/backward/phelps, Toy Soldiers, Happy Jacks (5 JJ IC then 2 jump squats x 5)

The Thang: Mosey to the first light pole out on Cary Glen Blvd for a Triple Check – Pax count off 1,2,3 so there’s 3 groups.  Groups 1 & 2 complete exercises while Group 3 runs. When the running group gets back, then we swap Group 3 goes to 1, Group 1 goes to 2, Group 2 goes to 3

Round 1:

1’s Hand Release Burpees

2’s Drunken Mtn Climbers (slow)

3’s Run down to the utility box just before the next street and back – there was a tiny bit of confusion about where to turn around to run back – in the end we all figured it out and got to run the hill 3 times 🙂 

Rinse and Repeat until all groups have completed the cycle

Round 2:

Group 1: Squats

Group 2: False Starts (frogger + 2 plank jacks)

Group 3: Run

Rinse and Repeat until all groups have completed the cycle

Round 3:

1’s Carolina Dry Docks

2’s Imperial Squat Walker (Squat, opposite knee to opposite elbow, squat, other knee to elbow)

3’s Run

After last round of Triple Check, mosey back to parking lot for Follow the Yellow Brick Road w/ squat hold until each Pax has completed it 3 times.

Arm-ageddon (30 sec of each): small arm circles forward, arm circles backward, push water forward, push water backward, up and down, hallelujahs for a total of 3 minutes of arms!

Abs: Ring of Fire – we had enough time to complete 2 rounds of ROF, then, 10 BGSU’s OYO

Whole Pax exercise While individual completes
American Hammers 10 flutter kicks HC
Dead Bugs 5 leg lifts


COT: Each morning, peace arrives at your door in the form of choices. Today was Gerber’s first day of retirement and she set her alarm to get to FiA!  

Name O Rama