We circled up for the disclaimer and a warm up.  Then I explained the thang and we jumped into the barre inspired workout.

  1. narrow squat hold with calf raises
  2. sumo squat with leg and arm lift
  3. narrow squat pulse on toes
  4. step out to sumo squat with row back
  5. sumo squat hold with calf raises
    We used our weights for all, did 1,3,5 for 30 sec each and 2,4 for 1 min each, no rest in between.

Next set was single leg work (stay on the same side) for 30 sec each.  Then switch sides

  1. lateral step out on toes
  2. lunge to curtsey lunge
  3. RDL hinge
  4. RDL leg lifts
  5. RDL leg curls
  6. front leg lift
  7. front leg kick

We did another round of the double leg work with weights before proceeding to mat work, 1 min each of the following

  1. long sit with front raise
  2. dead bug
  3. scissor hold with upper leg pulse – R
  4. scissor hold with upper leg pulse – L
  5. boat hold with pulse push
  6. bird dog knee to elbow – R
  7.  bird dog with knee to elbow – L
  8. Side plank clam – R
  9. Side plank clam – L
  10. plank to bear hold

We did one last round of 30 sec each and then finished with name o rama and COT

“grace shows us that others don’t have to comply with our worldview in order to be worthy of sharing our world” -Sarah Stewart Holland