Warm-up:  Good morning, toy soldiers, arm rolls (forward and backward), wide stance squat stretch (what are those called??? 🙂 and run the pickle!

The Thang:

I had hidden (not really) some eggs in the mulch on the other side of the pickle.  We rotated through each PAX so we would individually run out and find an egg.  The eggs had a slip of paper with the exercise we would do while the next person in line would run out for another egg.  If the egg was empty, we ALL would run the pickle.  I tried for a core heavy workout.


  • LBC
  • Standing chair pose twist
  • Ankle over knee leg li# crunch
  • Bear hold with arm raise to knee touch
  • Half wipes (knees bent)
  • Plank jump-ins (2nd half of the burpee) although I don’t think we did this one
  • Slow bicycle crunches (knee to elbow)
  • Plank reach through (touch toes)
  • Hello Dolly
  • Walking Bridges
  • Standing knee to elbow
  • Elbow lifts (lay /at, li# up from arm using core to lift your body)
  • Side planks
  • High crunch (arms up)
  • Sparky crabs
  • Standing sumo squat crunch
  • Upper case ABCs
  • Lower case abc’s
  • Flutter kicks
  • American hammers

We ran out of time so we all gathered the last of the eggs and did a few more exercises before time was up.  Ended with a 1 minute(ish) plank!  Great job ladies!  I loved all of the chatter this morning!  Great way to start the day!

Ended with Name-o-Rama and COT.  Happy Easter all!

“As you encounter the ups and downs in life, remember that God’s mercy never ceases — He is your comfort and strength in every situation.  If you’re brooding over a failure today, place it in Christ’s hands — your hope is in the Lord” – Strength for Today