Warm up: Inch worms w/ cobra, down dog, into runner’s stretch, Toy Soldiers, Knee Hugs + wide arms, arm flutters, shoulder rotations (L shape, rotate forward), hallelujahs, balancing lateral lunges, hamstring scoops, run the pickle


This Thang has been recycled several times now! It’s a good one 

Divide into two groups

Group 1 walk w/ weights to the station where the 20 # and 30# weight plates were waiting.
Each person completes (rotate when you’re done)

  • 5 squats w/ weight plate of choice 
  • 5 overhead presses w/ weight plate of choice
  • kettlebell swings (w/your dumbbell) while you wait for your turn w/ a plate

Once everyone has had a turn w/ a plate, walk back to start

While group 1 is at the station:

Group 2 is completing the exercise until Group 1 is back, then swap groups and repeat

Round 1: Split Squats R

Round 2: Split Squats L

Round 3: Kneeling woodchop R 

Round 4: Kneeling woodchop L

Round 5: OH Bridge Walks (hold weights overhead, hold bridge, march)

Round 6: DB Overhead March

Round 7: Plank Renegade Row + Cross body Mtn Climber

*Stopped here due to time! 

Round 8: Leg Drop + Weighted Crunch (hold weight above head, legs in air, drop legs, lift, then crunch)

Round 9: Bear Pull Thru

Round 10: Weighted Full Sit Up

COT: Be the kind of person who takes the grocery cart back to the stall. 

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