1. Disclaimer – we will get to that later.

Warm Up: Good mornings, wind mills, arm circles forwards, backwards, and phelps. Butt kickers, high knees and jumping jacks.

The Thang: We ran over to “The Depot” and did what I am calling 100s. We partnered up and took turns with our partners getting in a cumulative 100 reps of exercises. The exercises were curb squats, push ups, LBCs, step ups, dips, in/outs, and split squats. Pax ran back to our site and I remembered my disclaimer on the way back 😬

We circled up and Crisco completed her ice bucket challenge in appreciation for how many FiAs turned out for NMaM. We finished with some standing abs: imperial walkers, oblique crunches, and hillbillies.

COT: It’s not about finding a perfect person but finding an imperfect person and loving them perfectly.