Sunoco was there too.

No Failure to Launch is brought to you by Bon Voyage’s eldest child leaving for college.

Warm Up: Good morning, inner thigh stretch, arm circles, down dog walk outs.

Thang 1: Rest Based Workout “Push till you can’t, rest till you can!” 45 seconds each no rest, 4 rounds
1. Close grip pulse push ups for 5/ 5 regular Merkins – repeat for time
2. 5 Merkins/5 row left/5 row right (loop band) – repeat for time
3. 5 BO Row/5 pulse fly (long bands) – repeat for time
4.  Hold squat with slow punch (long bands)
5. Burpee w/ PU and slow row

Thang 2: Strong hips with the loop band (45 sec work/ 15 sec break, 2 rounds)
1. In table top, Twisting clams (band above knees)
2. Toe marches (band on toes)
3. Single leg bridge/other leg straight lift (band above knees)
4. Standing side taps (band at ankles)
5. Tip toe squats (band below knees, knees pushing out)

Thang 3: Block Abs (Use a yoga block) (45 sec work/ 15 sec break, 2 rounds)
1. On back, one leg straight up (block on top of foot), cross crunch elbow to knee
2. In beast (block between knees), tap toes out alternating
3. On back (block under foot with bent knee) single leg bridge with other leg straight out (dip hips)
4. In tabletop (block under one knee) Bird dog crunch
5. In elbow plank, (block under one knee, twist with bent knee)

COT: Launching and Re-Launching
Let’s remember when we left home. Think about who you were then.  Now think about who you are now.  Which things changed and which stayed the same. How much will you change in the same number of years going forward?
Whatever challenges you face today, tomorrow or in the future.  Remembe it will be OK because it has been OK before.