Jog in place/wamup exercises; if you have NOT done these things, then you run to the center of the circle and do 5 Burpees. IF you HAVE done it stay put.


Never have I ever:

  • Traveled west of the Mississippi river
  • Traveled outside of North America 
  • Eaten a whole container of Ben and Jerrys
  • Skinny dipped
  • Water Skied on a lake
  • Owned a reptile or bird
  • been on an airplane
  • been on a cruise
  • Dated two guys during the same period of time
  • Sky dived
  • Had a massage
  • Done a shot of tequilla


The Thang

The Ladder of Death (do all hard count is able)

  • 15 side leg lifts
  • 20 one legged hip extension with hip external rotation
  • 25 standing straight leg raise while on toes of standing leg
  • 20 plie squats with light weight
  • 15 overhead presses
  • 10 plank jacks
  • 5 jump squats

CARDIO (in between each ladder)the length x 2 of large shelter

  • Lunges
  • Fast side stepping to R 
  • Side stepping to L
  • Bounding
  • High knees
  • Jog

We did one exercise, did a cardio circuit  around the “O” course, added a second exercise, ran, and repeated until doing the full ladder.

(So 15 side leg lifts, cardio circle; 15 side leg lifts plus 20 one legged hip ext with ER, cardio circle; 15 side leg lifts, 20 one legged hip ext with ER, 25 SLR on toe, cardio circle, etc.)

Pilates CORE

The one hundred, butt kicks on stomach, teasers, the saw, rolling like a ball, straddle, downward dog, hamstring, piriformis stretch