As daylight savings time ends,  we come to our first Nightcrawler in the dark this fall.  We did some running in the parking lot and then laid on our mats for some painful inner thigh, booty and ab work.

Warmup : good mornings, Phelps, swimmer arms , JJ, butt kickers , high knees, squats with Open and close the gates.  and some other stretches to bring the warmup to 5 minutes

The thang:

Parking spot  shuttle runs- run to line 1 do a burpee, back to start then run to line 2 do 2 burpees back to start   Continue to line 10.      Repeat with Dorothy’s ( or modify with squat jumps or just regular squats).

Mosey back shelter to do some mat work.   Found a sequence of 4 inner thigh moves and about 10 booty moves in one of the Fiton App workouts.  Loved the way they flowed so I decided to give it a shot in FiA.   Booty work included donkey kicks, straight leg , pulse of everything , different lunges variations and lunge jumps.

5 minutes plank series  – 10 moves 30 secs each

  1. elbow plank
  2. left elbow plank
  3. right elbow plank
  4. Brooke Burkes
  5. straight Arm plank
  6. tap foot out right and left
  7. 30 sec break
  8. mountain climbers
  9. hand to opposite foot
  10. shoulder taps

Just a few minutes left for some stretches and name-o-Rama.

Thanks for joining me!