Since I was off today, I decided to Q at our newest AO Pool together.  It was a pretty cold this morning so I wasn’t sure how the turnout would be.. Luckily 8 ladies showed up for my inaugural Q at this site.   Do I get a raffle ticket for that?? LOL!

Warmup – JJ , High Knees, Inch worm, worlds greatest stretch, phelps, good mornings

The Thang:

We went to the rock pile and then overhead carried it to the start line for 7s.

  • Rock your body
  • Burpees

After 7s, we overhead carried our rocks back and then set up under the shelter by the playground. It was time for our first Olympic Event.  – DEAD HANG. 2 at a time would hang  while a 3rd was the timer.  The rest of the Pax held a wall sit with Hallelujahs for the length of time the 2 were hanging.  When the next 2 went, the rest of the PAX did a plank.  We alternated until we all did the hang.  Congrats to Nitrous and Miller with a time of 1:20.

Next on to parking lot runs.  Run to first line, 1 jump squat, back to start ( touch line) then run to 2nd line and do 2 Jump squats then back to start.. . repeat until 8th line with 8 jump squats.    We repeated this sequence with Skaters(HC).

Then off to our next Olympic Event. – Frisbee toss.  Stand 4 parking spot apart and see how many consecutive catches you can make with your partner. Miller and Nitrous were once again the top of the board with 43 catches.

Finished up with some stretches, named our FNG Winger ( Annie), Name-0-rama and COT !!   Thanks for joining me this cold Monday morning!   I will be back next month!