We circled up under the shelter for lots of my fav go to stretches and waited for a few others to arrive. After that we mosey’d over to the hill and ran to the top to find a shady spot. Once there I broke down the workout to the pax.

10 burpees, run the hill down and back up

20 push-ups, run the hill

30 LBCs , run the hill

40 monkey humpers, run the hill

we caught our breath and had some water then I broke the news we were going back down the ladder.

after we wrapped that up we mosey’d back to the shelter for abs. It was a mixed bag of random abs then I called on the Pax to name a few exercises and we learned a new one called “ab circles” that is sneaky hard, need to find a new name for it!

COT- expectations are planned disappointments. You might miss the good thing while waiting on the exact thing you are expecting.