I started with a disclaimer and warmed up. Did ten arm circles forward, backward, potato diggers (NOT CHERRY PICKERS), and toy soldiers. Then we finished our warm-up with inchworms, followed by the world’s best lunge. LOL! Everyone seemed to be in a really good mood – thank you weather.

The Thang: circuits x2 with 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest

Circuit 1 x2: squats with weights, shoulder press, and burpees – rinse and repeat

Circuit 2×2: curtsy lunge with weights, chest fly, and jumping jacks- rinse and repeat

Run/walk pickle

Circuit 3 x2: pushups, weighted russian twists, and mountain climbers rinse and repeat

Circuit 4 x2: deadlift with row, bicep curls, quick feet  Рrinse and repeat

Run/walk pickle

Circuit 5 x2: hold should press and march, super(wo)man, heismans – rinse and repeat

Run/walk pickle

Circuit 6: 3 exercises for 1 minute each: chair pose, plank, and weighted abs

COT: “A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water!” Eleanor Roosevelt

Thanks for joining me!