Typical Warm-up

The Thang = Interval Timer that laddered down and then back up.   Ladders times were 60″, 45″, 30″, 15″, 30″, 45″, 60″.   Then we Ran the pickle.   Total of 6 rounds.   During this time we learned that Narwahls are real and not fictional characters.

Round 1

  1. Squats, lunges (R), monkey humpers, Split jumps, monkey bumpers, lunge (L), squats
  2. Skaters, calf raises, squat hold, burpees, squat hold, calf raises, skaters
  3. Carolina Dry docks, plank taps, push ups, swimmers, push ups, plank taps, Carolina dry docks
  4. Donkey Kick (R), Fire hydrant (R), Narwahl (R), Bridge hold, Narwahl (L), Fire hydrant (L), Donkey Kick (L)
  5. Plank, Side plank (R), ankle biters, flutter kicks, ankle biters, side plank (L), plank
  6. LBC’s, American hammers, heels to heaven, bicycles, heels to heaven, American hammers, LBC’s