A few of my favorite Songs  (A workout with bands, get it??)

“You are beautifully, impossibly unique. Own that and you can stop apologizing and minimizing and start living and celebrating.” -BrendonBurchard     (The beauty of FiA is in our different personalities and workout styles.  These differences make us stronger, they don’t break us!)

Dancing with myself – GEneration X (5:00)

Warm ups

500 Miles – The Proclaimers (3:15)
  Loop band onto toes, long band around back (marches, side taps and chest press)

Im an Albatroz – This one was for Google and Yahoo? (thinking of you!)

 (No band, Boxing work (jabs, jab/cross, kick combos)

Suvivor – Destiny’s Child (4:15)

  Small loop in both hands (triceps, double lat pull down, screamers slow and fast)

Go Speed Racer – Sponge (3:20)

  Long band (Bent over row and flys)

My Songs Know What you did in the Dark – Fall out boy (3:07)

 (when the song changes, the move changes)

Squats, Heisman, Squats, High Knees, Squats, Skis with knee, ASquats

High Hopes – Panic at the Disco (3:11)

  Long bands (Side lunges, Bicep, overhead press when singing High hopes)

I Just wanna shine  – Fitz and the Tantrums (3:28)

 No bands (Chase the rabbit slowly and mtn climbers)

I’m on my way – The Proclaimers (3;45)

  Loop band  around lower thighs (clam shells and side crunch)

Raise Your Glass – Pink (3:30)

  No band (Lunges, skips and side shuffles)

Fire – BTS (3:30)

  No band (standing abs Crunch, Row, angled elbow to knee)

Free – Charlie Puth (3:49)
Cool down and stretches