Gave disclaimer: It was cold but we warmed up quickly.

Warm-up: Jumping jack, good mornings, toy soldiers, inchworms, phelps.  Run to skate park.  Line up LA Freeway around the track back to our mats in the pickle.

The Thang: DORA

50 Dorothy kicks

100 Shoulder taps HC

200 Skaters HC

300 Quick jacks

200 Bridges

100 Mountain Climbers HC

50 Donkey kicks

Ring of fire:

Crab walk hold/ 10 tricep dips

Plank rotations/ 5 push-ups

Arm Circles/ 5 HC side crunches

SL RDL hold/ 3 HC deadlift switch legs do it again

COT: Wake up in the morning and go work on yourself before you go to work for anyone else.

Thanks for joining me on this cold morning!