Started with the disclaimer and warmup. Then got started on 4 corners heading up the garage. 5 HC shoulder taps – bear crawl – 5 plyo push ups on the wall – run – 5 HC standing side crunch – lunge walk – 5 HC Mt climbers – run. Continue the pattern at each corner until we reached the top of the deck. Then we did 5 laps on the stairs.   Moseyed back to get our mats and finished with gluten and core.

10 of each (hard count if applicable):
Side plank dips
Side plank clams
Side plank leg lifts
Side plank reach unders

SL Bridge
Bridge march
Bridge clams
Bridge pulse

Plank arm lifts
Brooke burkes
Plank saws
Plank toe taps

On all 4s: fire hydrants, donkey kicks, rainbow arcs, straight leg lift.

Finished with name o Rama. Thanks for coming!