Today’s workout was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  After our disclaimer and our warmups, we started our first circuit in the Senior Center Parking lot.

Circuit 1:One person stood in each corner of our  makeshift square/rectangle in the parking lot. Bordered by medians and cars. The 5th person stood in one corner with a medicine ball. The person with the ball called out one exercise that each of the 4 corners would perform. While the person with the ball did 10 walking squat ball slams towards the next corner.  When you reached the corner, hand over the ball and now that person calls out an exercise.  Repeat until we each did the ball slams twice.

Circuit 2: Mosey over to the ropes course parking lot. We did increasing shuttle runs in the parking lot. Run to first parking line, do an exercise, run back to start, then run to 2nd line do the same exercise increasing rep count.etc  Repeat until 7 lines.

  1. Mountain climbers –  2 HC  increase by 2 HC each time.
  2. Ski jumps over line – 1 HC increase by 1 HC
  3.  Heisman – 1HC increase by 1 HC – this time run backwards after exercise

Circuit 3: Parking lot X line runs.  5x each

  1. Jog forward on lines and diagonal NUR to opposite corner
  2. Diagonal forward than NUR on line

Circuit 4: Mosey on over to large field.  4 exercises increasing ladder . Do 1 of each then 2 of each etc .. until 5

  1. Big Girl Situp
  2. Glute Bridge
  3. Heels to Heaven
  4. LBC

CIrcuit 5: Mosey on over to the kiosk where I asked that everyone stand on a letter that surrounds the kiosk. It spells White Oak  ( maybe CREEK too..)  Then asked each person to pick an exercise starting with that letter – Rep count 20 HC.   As for the title of this backblast, Miller was standing on the W and said Monkey Humpers.  WHAT???  She was looking at the letter upside down.   Anyways, we ended up doing a Wall sit for 2 minutes as we all discussed our Thanksgiving plans.

Circuit 6: Follow the Yellow Brick Road up the hill doing a plank

Almost done…

Circuit 7:  Mosey on back to the Senior Center Parking lot . Grab your mat and 1 weight.

  • Slow count American Hammers with weight – left, center , right , center  – Thats 1.  20x
  • Situp with single arm shoulder press – 10 on each side
  • Half Big Girl Situp with weight

Stretches – Name-o-rama – picture -Done!