NFL football and Monday Night football is officially back! This evening we did a football training camp style workout to get us ready for the season! After a quick warm up we got started. Warm Up

Quick Feet, Quick feet with turns, Quick feet with burpee, Heismans, Arm Circles forward/back on one foot, World’s Greatest Stretch, Jumping jacks, Downward Dog, Phelps

Broncos vs Seahawks Team relay competition


PAX were broken up into 2 teams. Broncos vs Seahawks, which are the teams playing tonight in Monday Night Football. There were 5 mini games.  Each team that won a game scored a touchdown. The    won the competition

  1. Center snap relay – Each team is lined up, one behind the other along the parking space lines.  The first person hikes the ball between their legs to the person behind them.  This continues along the line until the last person gets the ball and runs to the front.  Works like an Indian Run. The team that has the first person go through and back up to front wins.
  2. 3 cone relay – Each team lines up at first cone with 2 cones ahead. Start at cone 1 with the football and run to cone 2. Drop the ball and do 5 squats. Run to cone 3 and do 5 sets of high knees. Run back to cone 2, pick up the football and throw to your next teammate waiting in line.  First team to have everyone finish wins.

3.QB throw – Each team lined up at a parking space.  Each person got a chance to throw the football and score points, getting 1 point, if you got it before the hula hoop, 2 if you threw it past the HH and 5 if you hit it in the HH! 

4. Four corners relay – 4 cones set up in a square within the O course.  Start at cone 1, sprint to cone 2, side shuffle to cone 3, back pedal to cone 4, side shuffle back to cone 1.  Each person went through 2x.  First team done wins.

THE WINNERS were the Broncos! I’d like to say it was close but it wasn’t and I was on the Seahawks team. We all had fun throwing the ball around, just glad Theisman (my M) wasn’t watching!

Broncos vs Seahawks Tabata  45 sec/15 sec rest


Reverse Lunge

Overhead Press

Negative (like deadlift with 2 weights)

Curtsey Lunge

Hay-baler take weight moving down to up on diagonal (FOR some reason I thought there was an “H” in Bronchos LOL)

Overhead “touchdowns”

Squats hands behind head


Explosive pushup- on edge of table with a clap (optional)

Alternating side leg lifts

Humpers (monkey)

Arm circles (forward /back)

Wall sits

Kicks (alternate front/side)

We welcomed FNG Grohl (after the drummer for Nirvana) who found us on Nextdoor thanks to an F3 post.  Thanks for having fun with me this evening!  I had a blast! Go Seahawks!!