It was a sunny May morning at Moneypenny!  Started the warm up- good mornings, inchworm walkouts, & jumping jacks

As it’s Mother’s Day weekend, we spelled “MOM” in the Senior Center parking lot.  We started in the corner and did 30 seconds each of mountain climbers & mat taps (even though we had no mats – we just shuffled a few steps and tapped the ground back and forth).  Then we jogged the long side of the parking lot to the next corner & did the same 2 exercises.  We jogged to the middle of the parking lot to continue making our “M” and in the middle did 1 minute of “mom”-makers (manmakers).  Then we jogged to the top right corner – continuing to make our “M” and did the 30 sec each of mountain climbers & mat taps at that corner and again at the bottom corner (near the senior center entrance).
For the O, we jogged a whole circle of the parking lot.
We then had one more M to make – so we followed the same format, but switched up our 30 second exercises – to “Mike Tysons” (it’s in the lexicon and I needed an ‘M’ exercise!, but for all intents & purposes, these appeared to be blast off pushups!) and monkey humpers.  We stuck with our 1 minute of “mom-makers” in the middle.
Then, we moseyed over to the community center – to the back area & collected a medium sized rock.  We split into 2 groups – one group did an exercise with the rock while the other group traveled down the back parking lot and back, then we switched.  The exercises were –
– Group 1 skipped down the parking lot, Group 2 did squats with rocks
– Group 1 side shuffled down parking lot, Group 2 did deadlifts with rocks
– Group 1 ran down parking lot, Group 2 did bicep curl, overhead press, tricep overhead extension (combo move) with rocks
Then as a group, we did 2 rounds of 30 seconds each of the above strength/rock exercises before we returned our rocks and headed back to the senior center parking lot and grabbed our mats.
We ended woth an ab EMOM (total = 9 mins – A/B/C movements that you rotate through so do each 3 times).
A- 10 1 leg V-ups (hard count)
B- side plank thread the kneedle – 10 each side
C- 10 ankle biters (hc), 10 american hammers (hc), hold boat pose
We had 5 minutes left so I pulled out a “treat” – cold eucalyptus towels which we enjoyed and did a minute or two of stretching.  I didn’t have a COT but we enjoyed our towels & had name-o-rama.
Thank you all for joining me and Happy Mother’s Day!