It was a “Mind, Body & Sprirt!” themed workout for my Festive Christmastime VQ! 🙂
We began with Yoga stretches to warm up our BODY & headed to the Book Drop for “Active” & “Waiting” team exercises with weights (finished off by an awesome duck walk, ha!). Then we lined up and ran an LA Freeway down Academy Street to Chatham and back, stopping at each fire hydrant along the way to do “fire hydrants”. 😉 Last up, we ran to the top of the stairwell and completed various exercises on the way down while collecting puzzle pieces. We used our MINDS to complete them as teams! To finish we read aloud our own pop-open inspiration cards – a parting message to lift the SPIRIT! I had so much fun creating this workout & sharing it with you all today. Thanks for coming out!! – SuperWhy