Disclaimer & Warm up:

Jog the pickle; Good mornings 10 oyo; Toy Soldiers & Windmills & Steve Earles  IC 10; arm circles forward; backward 

The Thang:


Goal is a total count of 2000 as a team. The full pax starts reps each of a called exercise. Cycle ends when first Pax reaches 100. Pax runs a 100m (we modified for rain and completed 100 seconds of Pax choice cardio between cycles)

10 cycles 

1) Shoulder taps

2) Lunges 

3) Push ups

4) LBCs

5) Mtn. Climbers 

6) Flutter kicks

7) Plank Jacks

8) Squats

9) Bicycle crunches – 50 per side

10) Monkey Humpers

Bonus: 11th cycle – 21 burpees done together

Total: 2021 reps


COT/Name o Rama:

Based on the podcast The Next Right Thing episode #159 What we made in 2020

Think about specific things in each category:









“When we stand at the end of one season and the starting edge of the next, it’s tempting to race right into the future without considering the season we’ve just moved through. But that costs us something and we may not realize it until we approach that same season a year later. Reflecting on a seasonal basis is a gift to your future self and can prevent over commitment to things that don’t much matter.”


Happy New Year!