Quick warm-up


The Thang:  We did 30 seconds of Exercise 1 and 60 seconds of exercise 2.   We then had 45 seconds of “rest” where you had to complete 10 push-ups during that time.  Weights of choice

30 sec.                                    60 sec

  1. Squats.                            Reverse lunges
  2. Burpees.                         Biceps curls
  3. Renegade Row.               Glute press (30 sec each)
  4. American Hammer.     Dead bug
  5. Mountain climbers.      Plank
  6. Skaters.                           Side lunge (30 sec each)
  7. Dead lift.                          Calf raises
  8. Reverse fly.                     Tricep kick backs
  9. Bicycles.                         LBC’s

We then repeated the whole thing but in reverse.