Warm Up a little
Tin soldiers, good mornings


Metabolic workout

2 min 4twist, 4 squat, 4 pushups

Then 45 seconds of each exercise 4 x through. (everyone stops when they need to)

  1. Squat hold with overhead weight hold 5 count  then 5 pulse alternating
  2. Squat hold with 5 bicep pulses and 5 count bicep squeeze
  3. Close grip push up with 5 cont hold at bottom and top of pushup
  4. Jump Lunges or reverse lunges
  5. Alternating 5 squat hops and 5 toe jumps


Butt and Gut 30 sec work with 10 sec rest 2 sets of each round


Butt Round —- ha get it?

  1. 3 Count dead lift
  2. 3 count goblet sumo
  3. Curtsy lunge
  4. LCurtsy pulse
  5. R Curtsy pulse
  6. Reverse fly step back
  7. Narrow Squat
  8. Side toe tap (bed stationary knee and switch sides on second round)


Gut Round

  1. Pullover Crunch
  2. Supine wood chop
  3. Wood Chop bicycle
  4. L Plank with hip dip (hold DB)
  5. R Plank with Hip dip (hold DB)
  6. Plank with knee in then leg lift (alternating)
  7. Butterfly situps
  8. Frog pumps (bridge with frog legs)


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