Regardless of the rough times, FiAs continue to light up my life.  Thanks for posting and being you.

This rainy morning, we were so glad to have the shelter of the parking deck to play in.  And play we did.  As someone said, the PAX at Book Drop were my guinea pigs today.  They left with smiles though, so I think that the experiment was successful!

Warm Up: You know I have no idea.  Here’s what I remember, Jacks/Toy Soldiers/Inner thigh stretches, spinal flexion practice.

MAT 1:  10 Candlestick Burpees (roll over after push up, add heels to heaven and then roll up to stand and jump) – yeah, it was awkward
Side plank push ups (5 HC)
Hip opening Twisters (Q’s count)
Hand stand practice (Belly to the wall or  not) – photo op!

Escalator : Going UP.
Duck walk halfway up 1 level, jog the rest then do 10 alligator push ups (HC)
Jog up 1 level, then do 20 lunges (HC)
Bear crawl halway up 1 level, then jog the rest, then do 30 crunches with row
Crab Crawl halfway up 1 level, then jog the rest,  then do 40 dips
Sprint  1 level, then 50 squats

Coming DOWN.
Jog down one level, 10 hand stand kicks (remember to try using the weak leg…eye twitch).
L Side Shuffle  down 1 level, lunges with knee (10 HC)
R Side Shuffle down 1 level,  plank with knee to elbows (10 HC)
Grapevine/Karoke down 1 level switch halfway, then 10 burpees
Jog to our starting point

MAT 2:
Tilt a Whirl (it is in the lexicon) – 3 rounds
Alternating sliding lunges (wouldn’t you like to know.. me too) 5 rounds
Rolling Figure 4 legs (we did 8 HC sitting, 8 HC kneeling, then 3 each way with a full stand up)
Crunches with legs up and rowing reach 20 HC