Today 9 Pax joined me at Moneypenny for a full body workout.    After the disclaimer, we did a 4 minute warmup in the parking lot… and this girl does not remember what they were.. But it was probably all my usual…. LOL     Then we gathered all our belongings and moseyed over to the big field.

The thang:

With the help of Frito, we laid out 10 exercise sheets/cones  in a big circle.  Meanwhile, the pax laid out their mats in the middle.

We all headed to a cone and there we did the exercise ( 10x HC) and then  run back to the center.  In the center, we all did 10 Big Girl Sit ups.   We continued  round the circle until all 10 exercises were complete.  Which means we did 100 BGS.

Round 1 Exercises (in no particular order or for that matter not even sure they were in this round or the next – what another round!?!?))

  1. Pushups
  2. Squats ( half way/ all the way)
  3. Curtsey Lunge
  4. Triceps Dips
  5. Broad Jump – 4 Hops Back
  6. Lunge Jumps
  7. Jumping Jacks
  8. Burpee
  9. Pendulum Lunges
  10. Ski/Ski/Lunge


Took a short break from our circle to do a 4 minute plank series ( change every 30 seconds)

  1.   Elbow Plank
  2.   Right side elbow plank
  3.   Left side elbow plank
  4.   Brooke Burkes
  5.   Straight arm Plank
  6.   up up down downs
  7.   right hand/ left foot  switch
  8.   lift right leg / left leg

We then went back to the cone we started at and turned the sheet over..  Wow 10 more exercises.   This time we did a single leg glute bridge in the center.  Switch straight leg every time we were on the mat.

  1. Mountain Climber
  2. Bear Shoulder Tap
  3. Lateral Lunge with Knee Drive
  4. Scorpion Pushup
  5. Squat Jump
  6. Skaters
  7. Dorothy
  8. Plank Jack
  9. Front Kicks
  10. Sparky Crabs

When we were done, we jogged a lap round the big field

With 10 minutes to spare –  I used 5 of it for some yoga stretches.  As we were stretching, I let in on a little secret.  The exercise sheets were all in plastic sleeves and I had placed a mantra card in each one.  It was sorta like a fortune cookie. So after our stretches, we went back to the cone we started at and got our mantra.  Mine was ” I AM ENOUGH!”    And yes   WE ALL ARE ENOUGH!!!      We cleaned up our stuff and moseyed back to the senior center…    And yes, I totally forgot Name-o-rama!!!    Sorry about that…   Hope you enjoyed your Saturday morning with me.