We were lucky enough to miss the rain this morning but got a nice refreshing mist! We started out with a warm up of good mornings, toy soldiers, plank walk out to worlds greatest stretch, down dog and peddling feet, arm circles and jumping jacks.

I gave the Pax a hint into what we were in for, with the Theme being Human Makers (aka Man Makers). It was a mix of weight and cardio intervals using the moves within a human maker and intervals of full human makers sprinkled within.

1 min of each exercise with 30 sec breaks after 2 mins of work

  • dumbbell pushups
  • squat jumps
  • renegade row
  • mountain climbers
  • bicep curl
  • froggers

Human Makers (1.5 min)

  • Hang cleans
  • high knees
  • squat press
  • run

Human Makers (1.5 min)

Then we went back down the ladder doing the same exercises ending with Human Makers.

We then finished with Abs, 45 sec of each:

  • Scissor kicks with weight
  • Russian twists with weight
  • Tuck ups with weight
  • Plank weight pull thru

End with Name-O-Rama and a good sweat to start our weekend! Thank you all for coming and making lots of Humans with me! 😉