Disclaimer and an active warm up through the parking lot. We did a few laps of high knees, butt kicks, karaoke, hip openers and closers, and skips. We grabbed our waters bc it was already a humid morning. Apparently 5 was the magic number for the day.

The Thang:

Ran to the kiosk for a triple nickel on the hill. Burpees at the bottom, run, star jumps at the top.

Next we grabbed a medium rock and partnered up lakeside.  While one partner ran from the greenway to the lakeshore the other partner used their rock to do the following:

  • Squat with OH press
  • Woodchoppers (alternating)
  • Walking push-ups over our rocks
  • Bent over rows
  • Deep push ups (hands elevated on yours and your partner’s rocks)

Because our run distance was shortened we did two rounds of each exercise except for the last.

We moseyed back to the senior center where Nitrous picked out a nice sized rock. We lined up along the wall and passed the rock down the line. While waiting for the rock we did side leans to touch our ankles. We went down and back twice.

Finally, we circled up with our mats for ring of fire with a 5 HC:

  • Plank hold—Brooke Burkes
  • Bear hold—drunk mountain climbers
  • Boat hold—Jack knives
  • Reverse plank hold—hip thrusts

We named our FNG and did Name-a-Rama!

Thanks for joining me this morning!

Mary Lou