It was a lucky day to have the opportunity to work out with you ladies! We began with a Kickboxing warm-up to some fun music. Then, we split into 2 groups. One group participated in our “Rainbow Ring Relay” (like suicides but with a nicer name!) with waiting exercises of jumping jacks, squats, and plank holds for our partners. Meanwhile, the other group began an 8-station “Lucky Charms” workout, each with 7 reps in honor of the date, 3/7 (which included an Inchworm + 2 Plank Jacks/Jumping Jacks, a Runners Stretch + Knee Hop up with a twist, 2 lateral steps + free-throw shot, Squat curl to overhead press, Burpees, Dead bug, Bi-cep curl, press up overhead to skull crusher, and lunges. We wrapped things up with a focus on arms with chest presses, skull crushers, and flies. It was a great workout!