Warm up

The Thang:

Ran to the Depot parking lot to do Lt Dans.  Broke up into 2 groups; one group on either side of parking lot.  1st group–> Lt Dan (1 squat: 4 walking lunges; 2 squats:8 walking lunges; 3 squats:12 walking lunges) to the other side, then sprint back.  While 2nd group–> mountain climbers.  When 1st group is done, 2nd group will start.  We did that sequence 2 times.  Then changed the squats to burpees and lunges to high skips.  The stationary group does plank shoulder taps.

We ran to the hill on the other side of the church, and that’s where we did Bus Lane.

Started at the bottom of the hill, ran all the way to the top of the hill where we did 10 burpees.  We ran back down to the bottom of the hill (start line), then did 4 star jumps or jumping jacks.  Ran to the 3rd cone and did 10 squats.  Ran back down to start line for 4 star jumps.  Ran to the 2nd cone for 10 push ups.  Ran to the start line for 4 star jumps.  Ran to the 1st cone to do 10 triceps dips.  Ran back to start line for 4 star jumps.  We also did all this while, dodging cars on that road.  For some reason, it was really busy there this morning.  We ran to the top of the hill and did some triceps walkdown and dips.  Ran back to depot for some decline push-ups, which looked GREAT!

Ran back to the park just in time for name-o-rama!

COT:  When life gives you cars, get out of the way!

Nice job, ladies!