Warm up: jumping jacks, backward lunges, inchworms to worlds greatest stretch, push-up to downdog, hip openers, arm circles.

Thang 1:

ran to the ropes course shelter. Did the following exercises in sets of 5,10 then rep reps. After each set we ran the large parking lot.




Mountain Climbers

when done we held a 1 min plank

Thang 2:

Ran to the Community Center. Same format as above but different exercises and ran the large parking lot in between each set.


Tricep dips

squat to bicycle crunch


held a 1 min plank when done

Thang 3:

ran to kiosk. Same format, diff exercises. Ran the hill after each set.

star jumps

push up to side plank

plank jacks

squat to side lunge

when done we held a 1 min plank

Thang 4:

ran back to the senior center for abs. Did 30 seconds of each:

tuck ups

butterfly sit-up

forearm plank with hip dips

side plank

other side plank

COT and Name o Rama