It is Sparrow’s birthday and seeing how she wasn’t here to celebrate with us, we went to the zoo anyway.  I searched the FIA Lexicon and found sooooo many animal workouts.  The idea came from a workout in Cape Fear.

Warmed up with Good Mornings, windmills, stretching back and legs in a squatting position moving from side to side.

We then mosied to the church and circled up on the upper parking lot.  Each set had a moving exercise then an exercise we timed for 60 seconds.  The moving exercises started the length of the parking lot.. then changed from the width.

Move – Duck Walk then Zebra

Move – Bear Crawl then Bear Squats

Move – Crab Walk then Monkey Humpers

Move – Camel Walk then Sparky Crabs

Move – Crawl Bear then Donkey Kick

Move – Alligator push up then Dying cockroach

Move – Fiddler Crab then Frog pumps

Move – Spider crawl then Kangaroos

Time was up so we headed back to the park and did two sets of Ladybugs.  We ended Stretching and Nameorama.