Warm Up: Good mornings, shuffle right 4:4 toy soldiers all the way around the circle, shuffle left 4:4 windmills arm circles forward/backward

The Thang:  

To Honor Olivia Newton’s John’s passing – “Physical”

Do a cardio move during the verses, when she says “Physical or Animal” do a burpee!

Line up on either short sides of long parking lot to complete Pain Train

In between each round trade spots w/ person across from you by bear crawling to opposite side before starting next round

Whole Pax is working: Individual completes:
Monkey Humpers 5 jump squats
Plank 5 push ups
Squats 5 hillbillies HC
Reverse Plank 5 sparky crabs HC


Count off 1, 2, 3’s – 1’s on a team, 2’s on a team, 3’s on a team

Triple Check: Teams of three – while 1 team runs the large pickle & back, other 2 teams complete exercise Team 1: Step ups (on picnic tables)

Team 2: Dips

Team 3: Runs pickle 2 times or large pickle

Rotate, Rinse & repeat 3 times until each team has completed each exercise  – 

Team 1 moves to dips, Team 2 moves to run, Team 3 runs to step ups

Team 1 moves to run, Team 2 moves to step ups Team 3 moves to dips

Round Two with Drunken Mtn Climbers and Lt. Dan’s

Captain Thor – we made it through 8 BGSU’s:32 American Hammers before calling time 

COT: …one of the main obstacles between who you are and who you could be is courage. The courage to keep trying even if you’re not yet as good as you hope. The courage to keep trying despite your fears of what others may think. The courage to keep trying without knowing how the future will unfold. Your great work is on the other side of your early work. The only way to be exceptional later on is to have the courage to be “just okay” right now. This is how it is for everyone.”