We worked at the skate park at Hunter street park. 6 feet walked up at 2 minutes to start. I was reminded that 1 person can make all the difference in the world! 🙂


Karaoke steps up and down the hill

jumping jack series, starting with 8 reps and going down to 1

The Thang – 2 portions

Part 1. dice game with 1 minute plank hold every 6 tosses. Random dice throw for the exercise and then two addition die added together (2 to 33) for the number of reps:

Exercises on the die:

1. Overhead press with weights (most common toss)

2. Plank rows hard count (never came up)

3. Rosalitas

4. Hammer curls

5. American hammers

6. Hillbillies (aka leprechauns)

Part 2 – animals on the hill to the second bench – 20 to 30 reps

crab walk down

bear crawl up

monkeys down

frog hop up

Repeated twice.


-leg lifts

-side dips (both sides)

Cool down

COT: as it’s seed stating time, I’m reminded by my seedlings to be patient. One heirloom tomato – the blue Bosque bumblebee – took more than 30 days to emerge! Also, reflected on the power of embracing seasons of rest and seasons of growth, starts and finishes.

Name-O-Rama not necessary with 2 – ha ha.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!