Beethoven gave the disclaimer!

We warmed up with good mornings, arm circles, toy soldiers, butt kicks, high knees, big arm circles and some phelps.

Legs (repeat 2X):

Regular Squats (band above the knee or with weights)

Donkey kicks (with band or no band)

Mountain climbers (band around the knees or no band)

Glute Bridge (with band around the thighs or holding a weight)

Fire Hydrant (with band around/above the knee (each leg))

Standing leg kick backs (with band around the calf (each leg))

Sumo squats (with weight or band around the legs)

Lunges (with weights (each leg))

Arms (repeat 2X):

Front raises with weights (each arm or both at same time)

Single arm pull downs (holding band above head (each arm) with band or weight)

Resisted External Rotations (holding band in front of body and pulling one arm out at a time) (each arm)

Rear shoulder squeeze (holding the band in front of your body and pulling your arms out as far as they will go with the resistance)

Lat Pulldown (holding band above your head and pulling down behind your head)

Tricep Pulldown (with band or weight)

Chest press (with band or weight on mat)

Bicep curls (with weights)


LBC’s, ankle biters. Russian twists and leg lifts. Repeat 2X



Workout with bands/Tabata style with 35 seconds of work/10 seconds of rest: