Disclaimer and Warm Up: 10 Good mornings in Parking Lot then moving warm up as we headed to the church. Exercises included toy soldiers, walking lunges, arm circles as we moseyed to the 2nd church entrance

We arrived at the island!

Pax count off 1,2,3 so there’s 3 groups. 

1’s Bear crawl around the island

2’s Burpees

3’s Run the entire parking lot while the other 2 groups work 

When the running group gets back, then we swap

Group 3 goes to 1, group 1 goes to 2 rinse and repeat

Keep swapping until everyone has visited each station

Rinse and repeat with Monkey Humpers and Blast off Push Ups 


Mosey to the large parking lot area top of hill to complete

Ring of Fire Quads

Hold squat while each pax completes 10 squat pulses

Hold sumo squat while each pax completes 10 sumo squat pulses

Hold chair squat while each pax completes 10 chair squat pulses


Down the hill: LT. Dan’s  1 squat to 4 walking lunges

Mosey back to park for Abs:

Walls of Jericho Ab edition

7 exercises, 7 reps, 7 rounds

LBC’s Boxcutters Big Girl Sit Ups Ankle Biters Heels to Heaven Leg Lifts

Completed 3 rounds for sake of time and exhaustion 😅


COT “Rest is productive too. You don’t always have to be doing something”

Name o Rama