Warm-Up: Jog the pickle, good mornings, arm circles front and back, toy soldiers

The Thang: 1 min each

Bands around feet for the following:

-roll back to a V-up

-100’s with legs at 45 degrees, shoulders up (#Criscocussed)

-start in a V position-scissor pulses with legs

-laying on back, legs straight up: drop legs to just above the ground, open laterally, back together, legs up and lift hips off ground at the top

-start sitting with legs bent, toes up-recline to a C position, extend arms laterally, sit up and arms back together

-start sitting-hold bands at chest, Russian twist and touch elbows to ground with each twist

-balance on tail bone in reverse table top position-open legs (Hello Dolly), extend right leg, extend left leg and back to starting position

-balance on tail bone in reverse table top position-arms at chest with bands, extend both legs, bicep curl, bring legs back to 90 degrees

-Right side plank, bottom knee supporting on ground- band around top leg and perform a leg lift, then an overhead press with top arm

-repeat above on the left side

-in table top position, band around feet and in hands–extend right arm and left leg, repeat movement

-repeat above moves with opposite arm and leg

-with loop band around thighs–fire hydrant pulses on right

-repeat above on the left

-on lower arms and knees, with right leg (band around foot)- leg lift to hamstring curl, then pulse up

-repeat above with left leg

-Superman (with bands for extra challenge)

-sitting high on knees, bands around feet, lean back to camel position, lift one arm up and then the other, back to starting position

THEN we started back up at the top and did 30 second intervals of each until we ran out of time. We made it back through to the right and left side plank exercises.

Thanks for your patience as we tried some new, more complex exercises! #learningtogether