1. Warm-up
    1. Side gliders (alternating step outs w overhead tap) + share a low and high from the wknd 
    2. Roll shoulders front and back 
    3. Intro: today’s workout is adapted from a postpartum fitness plan by Ashley Keller
  2. Tabata Arms: 20 sec work and 10 sec hold “active rest”. You’ll hear the timer say rest, think of it as an active rest where we’re actually going to be holding. We’re going to do each exercise twice for a total of 6 rounds of arms. I’ll show you all three exercises now so you can quickly transition amongst them once we start our set. 
    1. Light dumbbells: lift to the side, 45 degrees diagonal, forward. 10 sec hold at upper diagonal 
    2. Medium dumbbells: bicep curls, 10 sec hold right in front 
    3. Medium or light dumbbells: tricep extensions while leaning forward on opposite arm. Imagine your pinky is being pulled up to the sky 
  3. Legs: when you finish your set, get some water, stretch your quads. (2 sets)
    1. 30 bridges – imagine your pelvis punching the sky. Optional weights. Can start with weights and remove them as you get tired 
    2. 30 long rear lunges, keep chest up and proud. If you had a logo on your shirt, we should be able to read it. Optional weights. 
    3. 30 narrow squats, legs a bit wider than shoulder width apart 
    4. 30 plie squats (also demonstrate pulse) 
    5. 30 plie squat pulses – down an inch, up an inch – let’s count it out together 
    6. 20 point lower (go slow with arms straight forward for counterbalance), then rocket up to tip toe
    7. 10 lunge to knee up. Can go to tip toe, or hop for more intensity. 
  4. Back/Abs
    1. Bird dog w pelvic tilt, keep back flat. Do 10 R, 10 L. Pause at the top, don’t touch mat. When finish, can do some cat and cows.
    2. Swimmer: 10 L, 10 R. 
    3. Plank with hula hips 
    4. Plank shoulder taps. Keep hips pointing down to the ground, stable. Modify your plank to keep your hips stable. 
  5. Cool down 
    1. Figure 4 stretch 
    2. Happy baby 
    3. Child’s pose 
    4. Quad stretch 
    5. Arms while we do circle of trust 
  6. Circle of trust
    1. Name-o-rama: Birth name, age, FiA name 
    2. Remember when you wanted what you already have today. 
  7. Announcements
    1. School supply pickup