It was a cool and beautiful evening in the 60’s, perfect for a workout. We warmup up with a yoga vinyasa, some good mornings, jumping jacks, phelps and toy soldiers.

We did 2 rounds of HIIT with 9 different stations for 55 seconds on and 15 sec rest/reposition as follows:

Round 1

  1. Plie/Releve
  2. Incline Push-ups
  3. Leg extension/lifts using bench of picnic table laying on stomach touching feet up/down from ground
  4. One legged circles while on all fours using bench of picnic table
  5. Tricep dips
  6. jog small pickle
  7. El Capitans (low lunges)
  8. Skaters
  9. Alternating side kicks

Round 2

  1. Switch lunges
  2. Imperial Walkers
  3. Carolina Dry Docks
  4. Sparky Crabs
  5. Fire Hydrants
  6. V-ups
  7. Decline push-ups
  8. Jump squats

We ended it partnering up with one person on their back holding onto the others ankles standing at their head; Standing person would push the person on the grounds extended legs and they would resist slowly lowering them down and back up from the ground X 30 each

Plank series 30 seconds each standard plank, reverse plank, side plank R, side plank L and ended it with some hamstring, downward dog pedaling, hip flexor stretches.

Thanks for making it count. Some of the PAX enjoyed a social gathering at Southern Peak in Apex immediately following (see slack for photo ) Trying to enhance our social outlet like F3 🙂