Warmup : Toy Soldiers, Good Mornings, Arm Circles, Hip Circles,  and a jog around the parking lot

The Thang:

So today’s workout was a combo of a few videos I saw and put my own twist on it.   This is a ladder type tabata (20/10).  So order was as follows:   1 , 1-2, 1-2-3, 1-2-3-4 .  Break after the full series. The last exercise was a combo of all the previous exercises in the series.  (my  attempt to deconstruct move #4)

  1. Pushup
  2. Half Burpee
  3. Jump Squat
  4. Burpee

Jog to playground

  1. tricep dip
  2. Sparky Crab
  3. Hermit Crab
  4.  2 tricep dips/1 sparky crab/ 2 step hermit crabs

Next Parking lot:

  1. Broad jump with 180 jump squat
  2. Chase the Rabbit
  3. Inchworm
  4.  Broad jump/ Jump legs back to plank/ inchworm back to stand

Jog to next lot:

  1. Plank walk
  2. bear walk
  3. Box walk within parking spot ( plank walk right / bear walk up / plank left./ bear walk back)

Final jog to starting location where we did some standing ab work and stretches in the last 5 minutes.

Thanks for joining me!