We started off our labor day with a 5 minute stretch/warmup. We went over the disclaimer and my plan for the mornings workout.

We moseyed over to the hill during which time we found a partner for our  workout. From there, we did a backwards walk ( KLAW) up the hill to the picnic tables.

Circuit 1 : Sept 4 = 4 exercises 9 reps each

  • Partner 1 runs down and up the hill as partner 2 does the exercises.  Then switch. Keep your own rep count and continue doing exercises until each partner has run 4 times.
  1. Left Bench Step ups
  2. Right Bench Step ups
  3. Dips
  4. Burpees

Circuit 2:    Gather around the triangle on the greenway path . Goal here is to move together as a team so no one bumps into each other.  Great teamwork on this Labor Day.

  • 10 x – 2 lateral squat walks / squat jump
  • 10x – 2 lateral plank walks / frogger

Circuit 3 ( like circuit 1) 9/4   Mosey over to the rock pile for a rock and a  new set of exercises.  Partner runs up and down the greenway.

  1. Woodchopper left
  2. Woodchopper right
  3. RDL
  4. Plie Squat

Alternate skipping and walking back to the shelter.  Grab your mat and get ready for LABOR DAY Core work.  40 sec work /20 sec rest

  • L – Leg Raises
  • A- American Hammer
  • B- Bicycle
  • O -Oblique Side Plank Dips ( 20 each side)
  • R – Reverse Crunch
  • D – Dead Bug
  • A – Plank – Alternate Arm Reach
  • Y – Y to Tuck hold

COT – ” The strength of the team is  each individual member. The strength of each member is the team” – Phil Jackson

After name-o-rama and our group photo, we  stayed for a bit to enjoy some fellowship and breakfast goodies..  Thanks to everyone who joined the workout this morning.  It is always a pleasure to lead our group..  Until next time!